The Myth of the Gay Gene

Sex, gen si transgen – II

In prima parte a acestui subiect, o discutie inregistrata “live” cu Dl. Profesor Aurel Ionica, PhD, am amintit ca as fi dorit sa discutam mai detaliat problema identitatii sexuale si de gen la copiii de varsta pre-pubertatii, acest segment al populatiei fiind cel mai vulnerabil influentelor uneori nefaste din partea familiei, prietenilor, educatorilor, sau pastorilor. …

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Sex, gen si transgen

Reforma protestanta – lumini si umbre

Creation – Thesis 6

In my previous article I mentioned that “to examine critically the doctrine of inspiration, especially by a lay member of the church, is looked upon with suspicion, if not anger, by theologians. For them, the main issue is authority. By claiming the authority of the Bible based on inspiration, they actually claim authority for themselves and …

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Moise si ideologia puterii – 12

Moise si ideologia puterii – 11

Moise si ideologia puterii – 10

Moise si ideologia puterii – 9

Intermezzo – Magarul lui Avraam