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    • Andrei on 31/10/2017 at 2:42 pm

    Thanks for another great video post! I appreciate the discussion on history, religion, current events, etc. I would just like to clarify a few things though:

    1) William Penn was not a Mennonite, nor their leader, nor German. He was an Englishman and devout Quaker, and that is how he ended up in the New World.

    2) King Charles II of England had a large loan with Penn’s father, after whose death, King Charles settled by granting Penn a large area west and south of New Jersey in 1681 for him and his Quaker misfits. Penn called the area “Sylvania” (Latin for woods), which Charles changed to “Pennsylvania” in honor of the elder Penn.

    3) To say the Knights Templars were “desfiintati” is overly simplistic. It’s like saying “we closed this department.” Before being complete disbanded and outlawed by Philip of France in 1312, many were arrested, charged with various heresies, tortured and burned at the stake in one day and night: Friday the 13th. Unlucky guys… Ironic that they originated as an order within the Catholic church, yet they ended up being used and abused. The Church thought they had become too economically powerful and might even become an opponent to the Church’s own income schemes. It’s all OK now though, because in 2007 the Vatican issued a proclamation declaring the Templars innocent of their alleged crimes.

    4) There is a lot more that can be discussed regarding Freemasonry, the “Illuminati” and so on. Suffice to say that, as Dr. Ionica pointed out, the British Royal Society was founded by Masons. In fact, most of the members since then and to this day are Masons. They have always sought to control information, and thereby, world events leading down to the individual even. If you wanted to have any influence whatsoever in the 19th century academia elite, you had to be a Mason. Huxley was a Mason, he encouraged Darwin to publish his evolution junk. Darwin himself was a Mason. If you do some research on the founders of Masonry, even a cursory search, you will find mostly devoted Luciferians.

    Throughout history, Good has been at war against Evil. God vs Satan. Light vs Dark.

    The light of Christian Protestantism has been darkened by evil agents since the Reformation, but God assures us that “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

    “And this is the verdict: The Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness more than light, because their deeds were evil.”

  1. Thank you for your comment. Indeed, the Roman Catholic Church is kissing “mouth-to-mouth” not only with the Templars, but with Islam and Protestantism. All is good if they have peace on their mind…

  2. Andrei,
    Ai dreptate, liderul menonistilor a fost Menno si nu Pen, care a fost asa cum spui, liderul Quaker-ilor, un alt grup de reformati radicali care nu au fost tolerati pe continentul European si care au populat acea parte a Americii care era padure nedefrisata (Pennsylvania inseamna de fapt Padurea lui Penn). Cind menonistii au fost expulzati din Rusia, ei s-au asezat in Pennsylvania deoarece era o regiune unde reformatii radicali erau deja acceptati. Eu am folosit menonistii ca exemplu de reformati radicali deoarece ei sunt inca cunoscuti ca atare impreuna cu Amish-ii cu care sunt inruditi, in timp ce Quaker-ii nu mai sunt vazuti asa. Eu ar fi trebuit sa fiu mai explicit si de aceea precizarea ta este binevenita.

    In legatura cu istoria Templierilor, si eu regret ca aceasta nu este cunoscuta mai bine deoarece se pare ca nu se stie ca papalitatea isi facuse dusmani si din ei, pe linga alti reforamatori crestini antemergatori ai lui Luter pe care i-a martirizat. Din acest motiv mult timp papalitatea a interzis masoneria in interiorul bisricii, desigur fara succes. In timp ce crestinii vad reformatiunea ca fiind opera lui Luther care a actionat de unul singur, eu consider ca el a fost spirijit de multe forte care erau ostile papalitatii din foarte multe motive, si nu neaparat teologice. Motivele pentru care cred ca nu se acorda nici un credit Rosicrucienilor si printilor germani in sustinerea reformatiuni sunt doua:
    1. Sa admiti ca Luther nu a actionat de unul singur inseamna sa-i diminuezi meritele or el trebuie vazut ca supraom
    2. Sa admiti ca Rosicrucienii au conspirat impotriva papalitatii sustinind reformatinea inseamna sa admiti nu numai ca au existat si exista societati secrete, dar sa admiti ca exista chiar conspiratii, or asta numai idiotii pot sa creada. De ce numai idiotii pot sa creada ca exista conspiratii nimeni nu mi-a putut explica vreodata.

    • Andrei on 01/11/2017 at 12:58 pm

    @ Dl. Ionica

    Aveti dreptate, iar eu nu cred ca Luther a fost un superman. He was the right man, in the right place, at the right time and knew the right people.

    Am putea discuta mult despre punctul 2. Cred ca nu sunt un idiot, si cred ca exista multe conspiratii pentru ca explicatiile oficiale nu tin.

    Va invit sa vedeti un film pe YouTube numit “JFK to 911: A Rich Man’s Trick.” Se gaseste aici:

  3. Andrei, remember that Dr. Ionica uses sarcasm as a tool. Of course he believes in conspiracies.

    • Andrei on 01/11/2017 at 5:05 pm

    @ Dad

    Yes I know, and I agree that he’s using the term “idiots” as used by most people – who don’t believe in any conspiracy theories – to describe those that do.

    I was playing along, saying that I’m a normal person but I do believe in conspiracies. I think he understands my position.

    Btw, I had tried posting a much longer response (in Romanian!) and when I hit “Post Comment” it just disappeared 🙁

    All my hard work, gone… I should have used Ctrl+C before posting.

  4. Andrei,
    I understood that you understood my position that I do not consider idiots those who believe that conspiracies do exist including the one that our government is investigating “against the United States of America,” and I agree with you that at the highest level, what is being taught in universities as “science” is very much controlled, and that includes not only this theory of evolution, but even the global warming and the supposed Apocalypse that is going to bring. When the “scientists” were caught red-handed exchanging emails how to manipulate data to prove their theory about global warming, who do you think stepped in to investigate the “scientists”? Surprise, surprise, … it was the Royal Society and of course, those who investigated the “scientists” concluded that they had not done anything wrong. That leaves no doubt as to whom the “scientists” are accountable to and who cover up for them when they are caught red-handed.

    • Andrei on 02/11/2017 at 11:45 am

    @ Dl. Ionica

    I’m glad we understand each other’s understanding. With regards to what’s going in politics right now and the whole special investigation, it is all a farce. It is meant to distract from the high crimes and treason that the last administration and the Democrat leaders especially are responsible for. It will not end well for them.

    As for the education system in the US, especially in universities these days, they are only echo chambers for indoctrinating young people into accepting socialism. As we both know, socialism is the path to communism. Lenin himself said so. What we have been witnessing since President Trump’s inauguration – the violence from the Left, the “resistance” – is nothing more but organized and orchestrated attempted usurpation of the very ideals this country was founded on.

    Add to that the lack of respect for our laws, national anthem, flag, law enforcement officers and anyone who disagrees with the LGBTQIASX agenda, or the BLM agenda, or anti-abortion, or is an Islamophobe or bigot, and we arrive to where we are today: another muslim terrorist killed 8 people and injured a dozen in NYC the other day with a rented Home Depot truck. Instead of denouncing radical/fundamental Islam and calling for a total and complete ban on these 7th century savages, newscasters and political commentators are quick to remind us of Islam being a religion of peace and that this is not Islam, we misunderstand, the guy just needed a hug.

    You and I may still disagree on immigration and I don’t mind agreeing to disagree. However, let me point out that NO ONE has a right to immigrate to this country. It is not a right, it is a privilege. If you are afforded the privilege, then one should behave himself in such a way as to show his respect and gratitude for that privilege, to become a productive member of society instead of living off welfare and bringing your entire clan here to do the same, all the while preparing to kill innocent people in the name of a goat-herding pedophile and murderer who called himself a prophet.

    I agree completely with you about the entire climate change fiasco; it is nothing but an attempt at redistributing the wealth of the richest countries to diminish their power and giving it up to the United Nations. This has always been their goal and the wealthiest families who are part of many of these secret societies seek this as well. Moreover, they would really prefer that the majority of us humans on Earth perished. They know they can’t control 8+ billion people, so instead they’d like to reduce the population of the world to about 500 million tops. They attempt to do this with GMO foods, pesticides and herbicides in our food, fluoride and hormones in our water supply, mercury in all vaccines and many other schemes you’re probably aware of. They are not shy about their goals, see here:

    In order to achieve this agenda, they have to push forged or fake science research to promote man as the greatest danger to Mother Nature, and the liberal lefties who live in their parents’ basements without a real job are buying into it. They just didn’t expect this much push-back from the conservative base in America, but they are redoubling their efforts just the same. What you referred to, ClimateGate, has been all but erased from people’s minds as their attention span is so short these days it’s hard to imagine they remember anything that happened 5 years ago, let alone back in 2009 as did ClimateGate. Those of us that do remember and that continue to speak out against the “consensus” nonsense are daily called science deniers.

    If you point out the fact that CO2 barely makes up 0.04% of our atmosphere and that all it truly is is plant food, people go ballistic, unable to argue with you rationally. Their emotions go through the roof. When you point out that polar bears are not going extinct but that in fact their numbers are increasing, they call you a liar. Or when you say that it’s not a bad thing for the Greenland glaciers to melt because in doing so, green and fertile land is exposed that can be used for agriculture, they again lose their minds. We have gotten to the point of being so easily triggered by the smallest perceived offense that we have become intolerant to ANY exchange of ideas different from our own. You can see this every time a conservative speaker has a speaking event at a college, there are protesters making threats and using violence to keep out any “offending” speech.

    This is the sad state of affairs in this once-great country. It’s not irreversible but I don’t think the political will is there; quite the opposite I’m afraid. And as one who expects things to get worse before they get better, I don’t think we’ve seen the worst yet.

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