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On the “American democracy” episode

I recently watched and enjoyed the “Edi and American democracy” video, and wanted to add some comments: 1)  America, as founded, is a constitutional republic. The Constitution (which includes the Bill of Rights specifically) does not merely list the rights of all Americans, rather it was written to point out that those rights are in …

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How good is a model?

“Pandemic politics highlight how predictions need to be transparent and humble to invite insight, not blame.“ One wonders why this “admonition” would be necessary, unless of course science and scientists themselves are often driven by ideology, money, or other self-serving interests to come to certain conclusions. While this commentary is squarely aimed at the COVID-19 …

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A comment on “Dezamagiri”

This was too long of a comment to simply add under the previous post: I think it’s abundantly clear that Christianity as a whole has become bloated, complacent and “rusted” as noted. There are many reasons for this: a steadily declining moral atmosphere in the Western world and in America specifically, increased materialism and a …

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