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    • Andrei on 21/07/2017 at 12:37 pm

    With apologies, he is wrong on many accounts with respect to the Harry Potter series of books and movies and particularly with J.K. Rowling’s background. What he calls “myths” are in fact true cases in which hundreds of children have written the publisher wishing to find and enroll in such a school as Hogwarts. Ms. Rowling is now a billionaire, the only author to be one, and this was only possible by stealing the minds and imaginations of innocent kids (due to the lack of diligence and complacency of their parents) and she is laughing all the way to the bank.

    I respect some of his ideas in other discussions, but here and regarding the Harry Potter phenomenon he is completely oblivious to the reality that witchcraft is openly endorsed, practiced and encouraged by the characters in those books. In essence, “good” magic wins against “bad” magic, but the Bible clearly states that ALL magic is evil. He negates this at his own peril and is likely deluding himself into thinking he’s the only one who “gets it.”

    I could say more but I won’t. In my opinion, he is very (and dangerously) wrong and seems to be completely oblivious to this fact.

  1. Andrei,
    Have you read the books?

    • Andrei on 25/07/2017 at 1:08 pm

    @Aurel Ionica

    No sir, I have not read any of the books nor do I plan to. I have, however, read many reviews and critiques of them sufficient to convince me they are not the innocent satire you might be inclined to believe they are.

    Further, even if that’s ALL they were about, it does not explain the phenomenon of so many children reading and believing these books and characters are about something real. Kids don’t care about satire or politics and are generally too young to understand either. Besides, you really have to want to see that in these books. You are instead constantly bombarded by detailed witchcraft and violence.

    If you mean to imply that – because I have not read her books – I am not qualified to make a judgement call about them, then you are wrong:

    I do not need to read the Quran to know that killing infidels, setting up Shariah law and subjugating the entire world for Allah is the duty of every Muslim;

    I do not need to read the satanic bible to know it speaks only blasphemies against God;

    I did not need to read Darwin’s “Origin of Species” to know he’s a crackpot scientist who had no idea of genetics and that his theory of Evolution is an unproven, unworkable idea (I did read it just the same);

    I did not need to read Einstein’s works on relativity to know that gravity and mass are related;

    There are things which are obvious even to an untrained eye, and there are things that make sense without requiring a PhD.

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