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Creation – Thesis 4

Thesis 4: We believe life is God’s gift. However, we do not claim to know fully its processes, capabilities, and development. We welcome the use of life sciences to better understand it. Science cannot deny God.  In the previous post I submitted to you the idea that we, as part of Creation, cannot fully understand …

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Creation – Thesis 3

Thesis 3: Since we are created beings, we cannot fully understand the Creation. We are not attempting a definition or description of Creation, its timing, process, scope, extensiveness, or future.  Humans have always wanted to know more about themselves and the surrounding world. It is in our being to observe, to question, to look for answers, …

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Creation – Thesis 2

  Thesis 2: God is the Creator of everything there is. This means that we do not believe in the absoluteness of time, space, matter, energy, etc., but all of the above have been created ex-nihilo by God.    Following the first thesis, where God is the only unmade, unborn, self-existing, eternal, and  indescribable “I AM”, …

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Creation – Thesis 1

In my previous post I listed ten theses that I thought could form a basis for a coherent creationist approach. Evidently, I use “thesis” and “theses” in their common usage such as “statement(s)”, or “idea(s)”. Given the concise format used in formulating these statements, I thought it would be necessary to explain them, one by …

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A Complete Overhaul …(part two)

As I mentioned in the first article on this topic, just a few of my friends joined into the conversation on Facebook. Perhaps I cannot understand the true reasons of those who decided to be silent on the subject of Creation. From the comments of those who shared their opinion, I draw a few ideas …

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A Complete Overhaul of Creationism is Needed!

One of the most challenging problems we face as SDA Christians in the 21st Century is the contradiction between our Creation model, the scientific data, and the secular evolutionist views regarding the origin of biological life. Our educated youth and adult members alike are leaving the church at an alarming rate due to this controversy …

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Viaţa, ca informaţie (III)

In timp ce in opinia lui Christoph Adami informatia cuprinsa in sistemele organice “trebuie sa fi aparut la inceput din intamplare” ca apoi sa se dezvolte datorita evolutiei, Jeremy Englang, un tanar biofizician si profesor la MIT, propune o noua teorie a aparitiei ordinei din haos, unde rolul principal este jucat de capacitatea materiei de …

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Intre devotiune si fanatism

Pe vremea comunismului În Romania, un tânar adventist abia trecut de 19 ani a primit ordinul de recrutare. Serviciul militar era pe atunci obligatoriu. Cei care au făcut armata deja ştiu, şi cei ce n-au făcut-o vor Învăţa, că “ordinul nu se discută; se execută”. Aşadar tânărul, pe care îl întâlnisem şi îl cunoşteam ca …

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Dezamagiri de 22 Octombrie

Programul serviciului de inchinare pentru 22 octombrie (acum doua zile) pe care il primisem deja prin email inca din timpul saptamanii trecute, continea un titlu interesant pentru predica de la pranz: “Adventismul, o specie in pericol” (Adventism: Endangered Species by Jared Thurmon) . Aha, mi-am spus, probabil ca ceva-ceva se intampla in biserica si unii, mai …

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Revenirea lui Isus şi parabola fecioarelor

Al doilea advent al lui Isus (primul fiind cel din secolul intai cand a fost crucificat) este un concept biblic bazat pe scrierile Noului Testament si este incorporat in crezul majoritatii denominatiunilor crestine. El este ultimul eveniment inainte de escaton, care denota stagiul final al istoriei, viata “cereasca”. Exista pareri diferite in escatologia crestina. Unii …

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Viaţa, ca informaţie (II)

Asa cum am amintit in alte articole, datorez domnului Edi Constantinescu provocarea de a studia conceptele si preceptele evolutiei. Numai cine studiaza indeaproape aceasta paradigma a originilor si dezvoltarii vietii poate observa numeroasele neajunsuri si prea desele apeluri la scenarii imaginare ale acesteia. Am mers pana acolo incat am crezut ca, odata ce am fost …

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